Lithium's Native Token

Our native token—$IONs—acts as an access pass to the Lithium ecosystem. $IONs holders are able to contribute different levels of USDC into project raises based on how many $IONs they hold.
Lithium's tier structure
To incentivize holders moving up the value chain, we offer unique incentives for holders in tiers higher than and including ‘Strategist’, as defined above. These incentives range from free airdrops provided by projects who have been raised via the launchpad, unique NFTs distributed by our network of partners, and access to an ever-expanding plethora of digital and physical goods.
The Lithium Launchpad offers founders new ways to capitalise Web 3.0 projects, using blockchain technology and a mature network of partnerships to support idea validation, development, launch, and marketing. Facilitating the funding of highly talented founding teams helps to reduce the current market failure - assisting the development and legitimacy of the blockchain space as a whole, whilst directing capital to projects focussed on real world use cases.
The $IONs genesis event was structured to airdrop $IONs tokens directly to users who have interacted with the Lithium ecosystem. The token is deployed on Polygon with a total supply of 50,000,000 tokens.
The $IONs token has been designed to offer holders rewards for staking, using, and locking tokens for periods of up to 90 days via our staking dashboard. The main utility of $IONs is acting as an access pass to participate in raises on the Lithium launchpad.
Initial $IONs distribution
$ION's is listed on DEXTOOLS and can be purchased here on QUICKSWAP