Understanding Token Equity

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For those of you that have a traditional understanding of equity, the concept of holding tokens may be a bit confusing. What exactly do tokens do?

Traditionally, holding the token of a crowdfunding platform gives you access to the raises held on the respective platform. Lithium decided to go a different way and allow EVERYONE to access raises.

So then, what do you own when holding our $IONs as part of LithiumPLUS?

Although everyone can participate in raises, your tokens allow you to invest in raises for free. Depending on your plan, the amount you can invest in a particular project ranges from $15 to $7,500—subject to no transaction tax. You can then always invest an additional amount, typically up to $500, subject to transaction tax.

Here's how we're different from a typical loyalty scheme: You own your tier for life and there's no need to renew your plan, ever. If you wish to sell your tier, you can do so at any time. Most likely, the value of your tier will also increase over time, meaning you'll sell at a profit.

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