LithiumPLUS members exclusively enjoy the following rewards.

Project Rewards

In the web3 community, often referred to as airdrops. LithiumPLUS Strategist tiers and above receive rewards in form of project tokens after the raise of the respective projects—this means you can earn tokens of a certain project even when you didn’t participate in that particular raise. Typically, we are gifted an additional 2–5% of the entire amount raised for a project to distribute to our community.

Supercharge and Tricklecharge rewards

Since our $IONs token has built in smart token mechanics to encourage holding and discourage selling, it also carries variable transaction taxes on buying and selling. The proceeds of these taxes are then distributed to our LithiumPLUS members.

Additional Rewards

These rewards are taken from transaction fees that non-token holders pay to participate in raises—again, distributed to members of LithiumPLUS. In addition, a portion of these same transaction fees are used to buy back and burn our $IONs token, reducing in price appreciation (however also is a benefit to $IONs holders that are not part of LithiumPLUS).