Lithium Shield (+)

A common problem with other launchpads is a general lack of protection for investors. Following feedback from our community, we have implemented our Shield initiative in order to protect contributors and maintain trust in our offering. This clause is embedded into contracts signed with projects looking to raise on the Lithium platform and apply to all new contracts from June 2022 (unless stated otherwise)
  • all raised funds will be delivered to a project in line with their vesting schedule of the respective round. Given projects execute and vest their tokens properly, they receive their funds. Should projects fail to execute and vest properly, we look to refund investors the remainder of the raise and cancel the allocation.
Additional protections are offered for specific projects in the form of Lithium Shield+. This is our supercharged protection scheme and contracts covered by this also include:
  • Lithium requires projects to remain over the public raise price until the second vesting tranche is complete. Should it fall under this price and stay there for 7 consecutive days, we will refund investors (minus Lithium’s costs), and cancel the allocation.