Access across chains

Our solution to the problems experienced across the early-stage crypto space will be deployed in a trio of investor applications. The long-term vision of Lithium is to provide assurance, transparency, and education to the investor with an objective to fully democratise and decentralise the traditional models of Venture Capital.

Traditionally, the retail investor is omitted from early-stage investments with wealth and opportunity pooled and reserved for institutions and High Net Worth individuals, who can afford access to these profitable networks. These barriers to entry ensure that wealth is localised, controlled, and poorly distributed. As the early crypto space has developed, new models of fundraising have emerged. With plenty of promising projects searching for capital in order to build projects, Lithium helps to feed this demand - offering democratised access to Venture Capital, leveraging power in numbers across our proprietary tech stack, global partner network, and hand-picked opportunities.

Our Launchpad identifies, KYCs, and launches exciting projects working on real-life use cases of Web 3.0. A wide-reaching scout network facilitates deal flow and finds these talented teams within our ecosystem. Lastly, our education platform continually works to advise, educate, and empower our community through blogs, workshops, and informative video content.

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